FLASH Robotics is a spin-off company of Wrocław University of Technology. The Company brings together passionate engineers, designers and psychologists to create and customize social robots to help integrate robotic technology into our daily lives. We have our own extensive experience in designing, constructing, and developing software for social robots.
Our products are the result of our experience gained through many years of social robot research. We are specialized in following:
  • multi-architecture robot control systems,
  • mobile platforms (classic or balancing),
  • social robot components (expressive heads, dexterous hands, gesticulating arms),
  • adapting robots to specific applications (information points, museum guides,...),
  • creating customized versions of our robots.
We took part in HAX ( - the world’s #1 Hardware Startup accelerator! They’ve helped bring over 65 products to market over the last years and have extensive experience with developing hardware. Their expertise will help us realize our vision. We moved to Shenzhen, China - the manufacturing capital of the world to spend almost four months personally visiting factories, learning about manufacturing, and continuing to bring our product to life. We were mentored by the world’s best hardware engineers who continue to help us rise to meet all the challenges of building a hardware product.


We have both applied for and participated in various national and European research projects. We are accustomed to working in numerous, interdisciplinary, and international consortia. Therefore, our ambitions extend to cooperating with universities all over Europe.
We are interested in participating in the following research fields:
  • widely understood social robotics,
  • conducting HRI experiments (especially long-term),
  • developing new competencies for social robots,
  • creating and expanding robot control systems,
  • improving social robots’ perception and communication channels,
  • implementing and verifying affective mind theories,
  • adapting robots to specific research applications.
Our team of engineers continuously strives to provide our customers with the best products. We can achieve this by partnering with strategic suppliers that can deliver the best overall value to our business. With that in mind we decided to cooperate with reliable companies that provide us excellent quality in CNC-processing, 3D-printing technology, PCB production as well as drive systems. We also cooperate with KUBASEK STUDIO, one of the best Wroclaw designer studios dealing mostly with everyday objects and interior design. 

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Our partners:

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