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LIREC - final project review

A demonstration of FLASH's capabilites was prepared for LIREC final review in Wroclaw.

A demonstration of FLASH's capabilities was prepared for LIREC final review in Wroclaw. In this scenario it is assumed that the agent embodied in FLASH has a number of goals. Primarily, FLASH wants to meet many new people and tell them about himself. Secondly, the agent wants to learn various colors. Initially, he does not know anything about them so he needs to learn. When the agent is quite confident in his expertise in colors, he wishes to play a "color guessing game" with people. The demo scenario has been divided into two phases.



     In the first phase, when the agent does not yet know anyone, he is wandering around and trying to meet new people. Next, the agent asks the person that he meets to teach him colors, and to tell him what his/her favourite color is. The person can teach the agent new colors by presenting in his/her right hand an object and proclaiming its color. Having learned a couple of new colors the agent gets bored with this activity, leaves the person and resumes wandering around to look for other people and process repeats itself. In the second phase the agent feels very proud that he knows colors very well and wants to demonstrate his skills. Therefore, he starts wandering again but this time when he meets people he invites them to play color guessing with him. In this activity the person presents the robot with an object that is in his/her right hand and asks the robot what the color's name is. The answers provided by the agent are verified by the person who then announces the result. Correct answers increase the agent's happiness and his willingness to continue the game. Wrong answers evoke the opposite effect. In this scenario, the robot is controlled by Gostai Studio which is also used to store his goals, including learning new colors and playing the color guessing game. To achieve these goals the agent is able to perform actions like learning new color, color guessing, expressive behavior, looking around, looking at a human's head/hand and moving towards them.