Rent emys robot

emys rent1Are you looking for new, innovative ways of promoting your company? Would you like a sure-fire way of grabbing and holding people’s attention? EMYS™ is the perfect tool to promote your image at public venues. It is an expressive robotic head that gives you unprecedented possibilities to increase interest in your product. Utilizing a social robot is a sure way to provide information to customers of shops or participants of exhibitions and conferences. It is the next step in the evolution of interactive kiosks and information points, eg. in offices, at train stations, bus stops, and airports.
  • 11 joints (3 - neck, 2 - discs, 6 - eyes),
  • a ready set of natural behaviors,
  • silent and smooth actuator operation,
  • 24/7 operation without assistance,
  • robot installation at desired location,
  • dimensions: heigth 350 mm, width 250 mm,
  • working area: cylinder (550 mm diameter).
expressEMYS™, thanks to his movable neck, can easily observe his environment and follow the movements of the people visiting your exhibition stand. The expressivity achieved thanks to the robot’s drives never fails to amuse and get the attention of passers-by.
visionThe vision system allows the robot to keenly observe its environment, recognize people and objects. Maintaining eye contact during interaction is extremely important. It gives the robot a natural quality and intrigues on-lookers.
audioOur robots’ audio system is capable of generating and recognizing speech in over 20 languages.This means that you can utilize EMYS™ both at national and international events. Remember that he can advertise your products all day without the need for rest.
mindTell us how you want the robot to operate. Our team of dedicated specialists will prepare him to operate according to your guidelines. This way you can focus on individual clients while the robot makes sure that every visitor enjoys an unforgettable experience at your stand.






EMYS™ can take the role of a robotic assistant that can accompany you during your daily tasks or product presentations.



The vision system of EMYS™ head can detect your face and recognize your facial expression. It can easily mimic your emotions.



The robot can endlessly talk about whatever topic comes to your mind. EMYS™ can wait for your command or talk when he detects people.


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