Robots On Tour, Zürich

FLASH™ was presented at the world congress Robots on Tour in Zurich.

logoFor the 25th anniversary and world congress "Robots on Tour" of the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (AI Lab) of the University of Zurich, robots and robotics fans from all over the world came to Zurich on March 9 2013.

Man and machine are growing ever closer and new technologies such as smart phones and computers are already part of our every day lives. Research in robotics is also on the advance and is constructing robots, which will make our lives easier and will even look similar to humans. But what can these intelligent machines do? And how will we interact with them? 

Robots from all over the world came to Zurich to „Robots on Tour“ to introduce themselves. Affetto from Japan, Cornell Ranger from the US and the robots of KIST in Korea showed off their skills. The robots were also there to provide entertainment: playing RoboSoccer, Quadrocopters presented their amazing flight show and much more. A panel discussion with renowned scientists such as Rodney Brooks, former director of MIT CSAIL (Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory) and founder of „Rethink Robotics“ provided space for exchange of scientific thoughts.

More photos you can find here.

robot on tour 1 robot on tour 2