FLASH™ in a natural urban environment, Wrocław

A set of small scale technical experiments were carried out each one related with individual robot functionalities.

During phase 2 of the LIREC project, WRUT carried out a set of small scale technical experiments related to individual robot functionalities. The majority of those experiments were related to the robot FLASH™ and focused on the balancing algorithm. Moreover we have also tested the applicability of navigation algorithms for the balancing platform and especially focused on obstacle avoidance problems. We have performed preliminary experiments with FLASH™ in a natural urban environment. The experiments were carried out at the Wrocław Market Square where we were testing how FLASH™ is moving on a bumpy surface and how people interact with it. The results of this experiment show that FLASH’s sensors are not capable to navigate in wide open areas, but they are sufficient to navigate in indoor environment assuring safe movements. People, especially children were very interested with FLAS™ and tended to interact with the robot from a very small distance.

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