EMYS™ at Robot Revolution, Chicago

Two expressive heads EMYS™ were present during the "Robot Revolution" exhibition in the Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago

logoGathering nearly 40 robots from around the world, "Robot Revolution" exhibition in the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago allows guests to see how complex machines are already improving our everyday lives. Divided into four sections, the exhibit explores the cooperation, skills, smarts and locomotion that machines harness to complete a variety of tasks, ranging from picking up objects to playing tic-tac-toe. Almost every display is interactive—you can play a game of blackjack with a robotic dealer, make a miniature robot dance or snap together some components to create your own customized robot. Machines will track your face, respond to your touch and react to your facial expressions—it's like an '80s movie brought to life. Two expressive heads EMYS™ were installed on the exhibition to show how robot can express various emotions and recognize them on user faces. There is one major downside to an exhibit full of robots: Sometimes they break down. Fortunately, the museum has three robot specialists who are on-site to repair broken robots and interact with visitors. 

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